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An office fit out isn’t just about a few bits of furniture and laying down carpet. It’s about getting the right balance between design, functionality and your budget.

We, at Your Own, have been fitting out office interiors of all shapes and sizes across the Dubai UAE. So whether you need to fit out an office for 10 people or 500, Your Own approaches each project in the same way.

  • Site preparation and access management
  • Chairing of regular site meetings with construction workers and suppliers
  • Supervision of all construction and service work to maintain compliance with specifications, contracts and Dubai
  • Standard in accordance with Civil Defense rules and regulations
  • Defects inspection and follow up of rectification works
  • Enforcement of warranties and guarantees
  • Provision of “ As Built “ plans, operating manuals and compliance certificates
  • Supervision of final clean and services operations


Our interior designing consultancy, With In-House experience of over 35 years in interior designing, office designing and construction of premises for all types of commercial, retail, medical and industrial site, Your Own can simplify the commercial planning process for you.

Your Own can provide interior designing concepts and bring them to life with the assistance of our CAD (Computer Aided Design) capability. We can produce colour plans, 3-D modeling and photographic rendering so that you can see what your new office will look like before it’s built.

  • Interior designing consulting
  • Office fit outs
  • Floor Plans
  • Engineering Details
  • Architectural Layouts
  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Fire and Emergency
  • Joinery Details


Office Partition with office fit outs, usually are constructed from:

  • Gypsum partition of 100mm thick, 12.5mm on either side consisting of 72mm
  • GI tracks on top and bottom 70mm steel stud at every 600mm.
  • Glass partitioning in an aluminum frame.
  • A combination of plasterboard and glass partitioning.
  • Demountable materials.

The most commonly used office partition is Gypsum boards or Glass partitions. Glass partitions have become a popular choice for the office interior design. Its full height or half height variants in aluminum frames provide effective office partition, letting through natural light. Privacy needs can be met using various window treatments. In selecting particular materials, consider the partitions’ prime function. It could be for an acoustic barrier, privacy or security? The appropriate solution may be a mix of different types.