A Professor a Touch and the Pandemic

A Professor a Touch and the Pandemic

Lindsay Tan an associate professor from Auburn University College who is a coordinator of the interior design program throws the light on the disease transmission hindrance measures with the specific designs. According to her the institute has developed a facility where the research is going on how the pathogens that cause disease thrive and behave in the certain environment. This shows that mankind is not reckless towards the future, and the design elements are to be implemented in the future to leash the out spread of the disease for example Covid 19. From the measures on the office disinfection to the safe glass partition, setup of epoxy and customized furniture in Dubai are expertise of the firm ‘Your Own’.

Her view on interior design’s role in disease deterrence

According to her an individual spends larger part of his or her life at home, so it cannot be ignored that every now and then the things are touched by the skin. The disease causing pathogens can be transmitted from a person to person and through everyday objects to a person and to avoid this a proper glass partition in Dubai is required at public and private spaces. The most vulnerable things are furniture and door handles etc. especially at the clinics, schools and stores etc. there are some disease to which our immune is developed, while some of them are truly dangerous like covid 19, and they compel us to tweak the interior environments in order to prevent the disease from transmission.

A safe touch

A touch is something that makes us feel that we are alive, and the touch may amuse, rouse emotions and make us learn new things. In our daily life we are busy touching the screens because they have made our lives hassle free, so flawless office disinfection service in Dubai is required. The gloomy side of the touch is that in our daily life we carry lots of germs through our skin from one place to another and even to the place where we want to be safe or we feel safest even while we enjoy cosiness of the customized furniture in Dubai.

In a modern day life the places like schools, parks, workplaces and clinics especially with their customized or Epoxy furniture in Dubai are need to be protected with the help of protective coat or objects made up of antimicrobial materials. The good things with these measures are that they work for 24 hours and round the week. The antimicrobial materials have inherent tendency to eliminate the germs while they stick to the surface and the artificial antimicrobial coat gets activated when it comes to the exposure of light. The artificial solutions are scientifically proven measures and work with full efficiency as they kill the harmful germs instantly, because to avoid the touch is not an option or solution in this modern world.